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About Nancy


Nancy Hall Presti (5/4/59-11/11/15) was a remarkable woman. In the face of more tragedy than most of us will endure in a lifetime, she lived a rich and full life with grace, dignity and courage. A fierce competitor, Nancy never settled for second best. She excelled in all she did at work, at home, at church and in her community. Nancy’s smile was as contagious as her optimism, and she epitomized the belief that each and every day is a gift.

Over the years, health challenges invaded Nancy and David’s marriage—first for David, then for Nancy, then David, then Nancy again. Yet, they continued to live their lives. Their ability to press onward was inspirational. As a loving couple, they were inseparable. Together, they were unstoppable. 

At the time of David’s tragic passing in 2013, Nancy showed us once again how to meet life’s challenges with grace. She founded the Taste for Life wine tasting fundraiser and the David and Nancy Presti Foundation, Inc. as a tribute to David, and an opportunity to give back and continue the fight against cancer. Nancy described her commitment to HUP in support of its research agenda as “one of the greatest blessings” in her life. For Nancy, giving back felt more like fighting back against the disease that had plagued her family. In David’s memory, she succeeded in raising more than $70,000.

Nancy is the connector that brings us all together in support of this wonderful cause. Her passion is now our passion. Let’s join together to eradicate cancer forever. 

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