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David Presti (1/24/56-4/6/13) was a passionate man. He was passionate about his relationships with family and friends. He was passionate about his love of great wine. And he was passionate about giving back…about volunteering and making a difference. Generous with his time, skills and resources, David was a selfless, born leader … a master at the power of positive thinking.


David was a major supporter of Relay for Life and was a keynote speaker at many of its events. His children, Sam and Abbie, set new records raising funds for the organization, raising more than $50,000 over four years.


The list of David’s academic and professional accomplishments in life is long and impressive, for sure. But what made David most proud were the things that make our lives the richest: time spent with family, friends and community.


David Presti had hundreds of friends. Real friends. And those of us who knew him well understand to the core of our beings that our lives are richer for having known him and that we believe we are chosen to carry his work forward.

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